List of Chartered Security Professionals

Name Company Date of Admission
Abdel-Hadi, Adil Shield Security Services 21.03.13
Ackroyd, Stephen Avsec Resilience 14.03.14
Al Mamari, Badar The American Int'l School in Muscat (TAISM) 16.03.17
Anderson, Aidan Red Leaf Consultancy 29.09.15
Au, Gordon 23.07.15
BaMaung, Dr. David Law Enforcement 12.07.13
Bell, Stephen South Lanarkshire Council 22.09.17
Bluestone, Mike Corps Security 18.05.11
Blythe, Kevin Eli Lilly Holdings 18.05.11
Boote, Bob JRB Risk 11.03.15
Boyd, Dr. David Vodafone 25.01.17
Braes, Bruce Optimal Risk 29.09.15
Breed, Paul 05.09.14
Brittle, Matt Infrasafe Security International 14.12.11
Broadbent, Paul Gangmasters Licensing Authority 12.09.12
Brown, Colin Constellis 18.02.14
Brown, Fraser IDG Security Middle East 19.02.15
Brown, Jason Thales, Australia 27.04.12
Brown, Peter G4S Risk Management Consulting 10.02.14
Bullock, Grahame Vigilas 10.02.14
Bunce, Andy Royal Air Force 21.03.13
Burkall, Hunter Harnser Risk Group 30.09.15
Buston, David Frazer-Nash Consultancy 01.03.17
Butler, Bill 09.12.14
Cannon, Ricky 13.12.16
Castle, Jim Corporate & Executive Solutions 03.03.15
Chester, Andrew Juno Risk Solutions, Canada 15.03.13
Chidyamoto, Benjamin African Development Bank, Tunis 09.08.13
Cook, Doug Security Consultant 16.04.14
Coulthard, Sheridan Newcastle University 09.12.15
Crowdy, Alan Resilience Consultant 08.03.17
Cumming, Robb Independent Consultant 24.02.14
Darroch-Warren, Angus Linx International Group 18.05.11
Davis, Andrew Trident Manor 17.07.13
De Jong, Michel Anthos 13.11.14
Dilloway, Simon Lopham Consultancy 03.10.12
Dodson, Frank Antonine Security & Risk Solutions 08.08.12
Evanson, Garry Westminster Abbey 17.08.11
Finch, Peter Retired 09.08.12
Fischbacher-Smith, Denis University of Glasgow 01.11.13
Gill, David Linx International Group 18.05.11
Gill, Martin Perpetuity Research 11.01.16
Goad, Steve Capital One (Europe) 11.12.12
Green, Stephen Gourdiehill Associates 29.09.15
Greenan, Joe Barclays 18.02.14
Handy, Larry 15.03.13
Hart, Gez Buro Happold 07.07.14
Havlis, Radek Deutsche Telekom 12.07.13
Hoad, Chris University of Birmingham 10.09.13
Houlis, Peter 2020 Vision Systems 27.08.13
Jackson, Gary University of Southampton 23.01.12
Jemmeson, Jamie ConocoPhilips 07.08.15
Katsimpiris, Stefanos ASSYSTEM 11.03.15
Kaye, Peter Pilgrims Group 24.02.14
Kazim, Lt. Col. Nasser Dubai Police Academy 21.03.13
Kelly, Paul Fox 01.08.16
Kenny, Michael 12.08.15
Krause-Whiteing, Ryan HSBC Middle East 23.09.16
Kidd, Stewart Loss Prevention Consultants 17.08.11
Latham, Richard The O2 11.01.16
Lawrence, Chris Carillion (TPS Consult) 16.10.12
Lees, Mike Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 22.09.16
Lindsay, Mark TAP-AG 18.05.11
Lorimer, Jon Thames Water 09.10.14
Lowden, Stuart Wilson James 12.09.12
Lynes, John Royal Household 08.08.17
Maihi, Paul Westpac Banking Corporation 24.06.14
Martin, Bob RFMSolutions 05.09.14
Matthews, David CarillionAmey 15.03.13
McClelland, Julia Sellafield Sites 07.07.17
McGlennon, Bill Sellafield Sites 13.10.14
Meelis, Rinus Meelis en Partners B.V. 13.11.14
Miller, Paul National Monitoring 11.01.16
Morris, James Frazer-Nash Consultancy 22.09.17
Mounfield, Rick Security Institute 23.09.16
Munoz, Juan Associated Projects International 31.01.14
Murphy, Dale University of Hertfordshire 18.11.14
Murphy, Denis PD Ports 12.03.12
Nessel, Adrian Organisation for Security & Co-Operation in Europe 24.03.16
Northy-Baker, Chris CNB Security Consultancy 18.05.11
O'Connell, Peter Austability 13.12.16
O'Neill, Mike Optimal Risk 18.05.11
Page, Peter Al Tayer Group 13.02.16
Parkhouse, Tom Office for Nuclear Regulation 25.01.17
Payton, Glenn HS2 29.01.14
Pears, Simon Sodexo 13.12.13
Pirzada, Ali Qatargas 24.02.14
Prior, Adrian Frazer-Nash Consultancy 08.08.17
Puckering, Steve MoD 08.08.17
Randall, Don Pilgrims Group 10.03.15
Roberts, Simon DHL 13.02.14
Robinson, Crawford BAT 29.01.14
Roddy, Mike Salamanca Group 14.03.13
Rogers, Timothy Serco 17.09.13
Rubens, David Deltar TS 21.03.13
Ryan, James Litmus Logic, USA 06.03.13
Schatz, Daniel Thomson Reuters 09.12.14
Seymour, Stuart Centrica 12.05.15
Shanes, Paul Office for Nuclear Regulation 22.09.17
Shaw, Emma Esoteric 25.05.11
Shepherd, Peter Imperial Tobacco 13.12.16
Skelton, Steve Office for Nuclear Regulation 13.03.14
Smith, Andy AIS InfoSec 12.03.12
Somerville, Nigel Time Inc. 07.07.14
Speight, Dr. Peter Future Risk Management 06.06.13
Spender, Danny Control Risks 13.12.16
Stables, Bill FCO 01.03.17
Staley, Nicolas Law Enforcement 20.06.12
Stones, Richard Next plc 08.10.11
Swanson, Charles STC Security & Training Consultancy 12.03.12
Thompson, Garth Novartis 18.12.14
Tomlinson, Chris Arup Resilience, Security & Risk 01.03.12
Whettingsteel, Peter MFD International 14.03.14
Whitehouse, Simon SGW Consulting Group 14.03.14
Whyte, Mark Control Risks 09.08.12
Wilkinson, Adrian Explosive Capabilities 20.01.12
Williams, Mike MIRIS International 17.03.15
Williams, Sharon Security Compliance Solutions 20.01.12
Williams, Stuart Harnser Group 09.08.12
Wood, Phil Bucks New University 13.10.14
Woods, Jerry London Metropolitan University 18.05.11
Wyllie, Bill Wyllie Associates 18.05.11