BSc (Hons) in Risk and Security Management

The BSc Risk and Security Management has been developed in conjunction with the private security sector. It aims to equip security practitioners, and those working in occupations with a significant security role, with the ability to understand and apply relevant approaches, techniques and processes from both general management and their own specialist management field. It includes questions of strategic and operational management, risk management, security management, business continuity management, cyber security, investigations and counter fraud.

The Security Institute and the University of Portsmouth

Holders of the Security Institute Diploma in Security Management receive 80 credits for their qualifcation. 

Each application is assessed by Portsmouth individually, to ensure a fair outcome for all students.

How is the course structured?
It is divided into three 120-credit stages, each equivalent to a year of full-time study.

Stage one (all compulsory)

Studying Criminology
Introduction to Security Management
Introduction to Management
Introduction to Investigation
Introduction to Counter Fraud Studies
Introduction to Research Skills

Stage two (c = compulsory, o = optional)

Introduction to Risk Management (c)
Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management (c)
Information Security (c)
Research Methods (c)
Project Management (o)
Global, State and Corporate Security (o)
The Fraud Problem (o)
Anti-Fraud Strategies (o)
Frameworks of Investigation (o)
Investigation, Psychology and Law (o)
Crime, Media and Culture (o)
Issues in Criminology (o)
Issues in Criminal Justice (o)
Hate Crime (o)
Substance Misuse and Mental Health (o)
Youth Crime, Youth Justice (o)
Penology (o)
Police, Law and Community (o) (counts as both options; successful completion leads to Certificate of Knowledge in Policing)

Stage three (c = compulsory, o = optional)

Corporate Security (c) 
Internet Risk and Security (c)
Dissertation (c)
Counter Terrorism and UK National Security (o)
Organised Crime (o)
Interviewing and Evidence (o)
Private Policing (o)
Criminal Justice and Minority Groups (o)
Dangerousness and Dangerous Offender (o)
Victimology and Victimisation (o)

The BSc programme is studied on a part-time basis by distance learning, allowing home study whilst in employment, both in the UK and overseas.

How is the student assessed?
The BSc (Hons) Risk and Security Management is delivered by supported distance learning, plus a two day induction and re-induction event takes place in September and a Study Conference in late January.

All the units in this course are assessed by means of essays.

Entry Requirements / Further Information
For further information please email