27.06.17 Awards Ceremony

Awards Event

The new Institute ‘Awards’ programme is a first step towards a Gala event which we are planning next year to celebrate successes of our members more formally and with all recipients together at the same prestigious event. 

We believe that recognising someone’s hard work, extra effort or special attainment is an important marker – it brings kudos to both the recipient and to our Institute more generally and when this recognition is celebrated with an official award whether that be a certificate, memento or a trophy then the whole security sector joins in celebrating that success and the recognition becomes even wider. More importantly awards are a really enjoyable way of saying ‘thank you!’

Of course it is not just members who help the Institute, there are organisations and others who support us in many ways all helping our membership thrive. For this reason we also celebrate not just member achievements and work but also selected individuals and organisations who contribute in other ways, sometimes at considerable expense or just by helping out at critical moments. What better way to say thank you than to reward it openly and fully. Hence we have designed this new event to bring everyone together and combines all our awards, rewards and recognition in one event!

This is why our new award format is so important – it is our way of marking achievements, work or help given to the Institute and thanking the recipients in a special formal but entertaining way so that they can be proud of their achievement. The Institute is honoured to formally acknowledge the contributions made by those receiving an award and thanks them for all their support.

Last modified on 27/06/2017

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