23.03.17: Westminster Attack

Security Institute Response

The Security Institute is deeply saddened by the dreadful events in Westminster, London on Wednesday 22 March. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the four people who were murdered, those who were injured and all those affected. 

Our members work with the emergency services and security forces on a daily basis. We feel a strong sense of loss at the death of Police Constable Keith Palmer of the Metropolitan Police Service. This feeling of loss is joined by a  sense of fellowship and empathy with those professionals who ran toward the terror to protect fellow officers, the public and also to deliver first aid. These people acquitted themselves admirably and are due our gratitude and admiration.

At its core, security is about protecting people; keeping them safe from those who would do them harm. This senseless and terrible attack on innocent members of the public is an appalling reminder of why we do what we do. 

The resolve of the Security Institute to protect the public, business and commerce, remains robust. 

In the United Kingdom, the threat from international terrorism remains unchanged at SEVERE, meaning an attack is highly likely. If specific new advice is published, the Security Institute will fully co-operate with the authorities and do whatever is necessary to help protect the public. A briefing message from CSSC has already been onward cascaded to members. 

On a practical basis the Security Institute recommends organisations review their contingency plans and where necessary exercise them to ensure they remain valid and fit for purpose. Moreover we encourage our members to offer support and reassurance to those they work with at this difficult time. 

It has been revealed that the public has helped counter terror police in a third of their most “high risk” investigations, and so the Metropolitan Police have recently launched a new counter terror initiative, that everyone should familiarise themselves with.  ACT: Action Counter Terrorism was launched by the police on 6th March and focuses on the key role that the public have in helping to defeat terrorism. All security staff should be aware of the CT hotline for reporting any suspicious activity which is 0800 789321

Further advice is available via the government website: 


We live in turbulent times but must not let terrorism deter us from our daily lives and interactions. We must remain vigilant and alert to threat and know what steps to take in the event of an incident, in order to protect ourselves and ensure we are able to supply vital information to police and investigators, when required.


Garry Evanson

Last modified on 06/04/2017