Recognition Presentations

The Institute is a volunteer organisation which is dependent on the support of members who contribute towards its activities. It also relies on organisations to help sponsor our various events. We are an organisation that exists for our members and we also need to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors.

It is therefore important that we are able to recognise the special work contributed to its success by members and supporters, also acknowledging exceptional acts or achievements by security professionals who are not necessarily members.

Any member of the institute is able to nominate an individual or organisation for a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ . The nomination will need to be supported by a board director and approved at a board meeting. Once agreed, arrangements will be made for those nominated to attended a presentation by the Chairman. Presentations will usually take place 2 or 3 times per year.

A large number of our members contribute in some way to the work of the Institute, as do a number of suppliers so this scheme is designed to acknowledge people of have gone the extra mile and made a really special contribution towards the success of the Institute.

Pictured are two of the most recent Reward & Recognition presentations made at the Awards event on 27th June 2017 to Dennis Murphy and Brian Dillon. You can find full details of the presentations on this LINK

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