Have you heard about the new Membership Advisory Group

A new Membership Advisory Group (MAG) has been approved to provide a Director level contact group for members to communicate views to, offer services or suggestions that may benefit the overall membership while assisting those Directors with Membership responsibilities.

The MAG is particularly interested in enrolling members who would be willing to represent the regional demographics of our membership and there are places for enthusiastic members who are looking for an opportunity to engage in Institute activities and contribute to the group as an individual. 

The new MAG will be joint Chaired by:

  • The Director for Membership Growth, Retention and Sustainability including CPD (Paul Drury); and
  • The Director for Membership Services including mentoring (Steve Massey)

The primary function will be to provide liaison and support to members and to that end the MAG will constitute members representative of the regions, corporate bodies, Young Members Group and those Directors with portfolios that include specific membership matters. 

Membership Advisory Group (MAG) Objective: 

To provide a focus for Membership Services and to ensure liaison between key Directors with member services related activities and broader membership representatives.   

MAG Aims:  

To foster Institute networking and educational activities to encourage membership inclusiveness:

  • To encourage and support Regional engagement at member level;
  • To support mentoring activity;
  • To support activity to meet CPD and educational activity objectives;
  • To encourage and support membership groups within the Institute for greater membership engagement, communication and dialogue between each other to enable support of the Institute Strategy;
  • To encourage, facilitate or identify those membership benefits deemed necessary for member categories to identify related Institute costs as beneficial, fair and 'value for money'.

Ultimately the MAG shall:

  • Provide Representation of membership views, concerns and suggestions direct to the Main Board and to take such follow on actions required as a result of Main Board decisions.
  • Align its activities with the Institute strategy for the future.
  • Provide a Director level point of contact for members of the Institute.

MAG Operation

  • It is anticipated the frequency of meetings will be on a 4 week cycle to gain momentum and operate as required and then a frequency review will be carried out. It will meet at a point in time to interact with the VB and any other formal Boards in a timely manner. 

Volunteer members will be required to:

  • Attend a minimum of four (4) meetings per year either in person or via remote conference facilities provided; and
  • Be prepared to commit time to committee work estimated at no more than six (6) hours per month; and
  • Do pre/post meeting reading; and Contribute to committee documents for matters arising;
  • Regional representatives to act as a facilitator with their regional colleagues to assist with intended Institute activities or information exchanges (assistance will be given through the Chair to carry out this requirement).
  • Corporate and specific Group representatives to facilitate communications within their group membership to ensure representation of views and opportunities for membership enhancement.

Membership of the MAG will be by personal invitation of the Chair following a notification of interest by the member, places will be limited so a pool of volunteers may be maintained or certain group representatives rotated on an as required basis to give fair opportunity of representation when necessary.

To be inclusive, the meetings will consist of face to face where possible with 'TC Dial in/Skype online' presence for remote or limited availability MAG members. Venue availability will be confirmed from the membership who can offer suitable facilities. 

Meeting participation is CPD earning for the individual member.

The MAG will focus on the 'member journey' as a whole life experience and will take input from membership and other work streams to provide member services recommendations, or assist Directors with an assessment of impact and value to the members of proposals and actions. 

A pool of invited volunteers will form the nucleus of the MAG and it is intended to hold the inaugural meeting on 12 July 2017 following notification of the volunteer's successful application.

To be eligible to serve on the AG volunteers must be a Fellow, Member or Associate grade; those members who are corporate member/corporate partner see below. 


Eligible members who wish to participate in the new Group are requested to notify Di Thomas at HQ Di@security-institute.org  of their willingness to do so and state:  

  • If you wish to be considered for a member place; or
  • Be a Regional member (state which region NW, NE etc. this will be more formalized as the AG focuses on the membership demographics); or
  • Corporate Group/Corporate Member volunteer representative (This is only eligible to members who are part of the Institute Corporate Partner/Member scheme). Please state which group/membership scheme you belong to.
  • Please include in your application a short resume (circa 100 words) and include your membership number with the sector of the security Industry you are involved in. 

Paul Drury          Steve Massey


Director           Director