Member FAQ:


General Questions:


Q: Am I able to post a job vacancy on the SyI website-is there a cost for this?

A: Yes as a member of The Security Institute you are able to post job vacancies on our website for members to access, this is free of charge and will last for two months. If you wanted to advertise your job vacancy please email Helen who will be happy to assist you.  

Q: I am searching for a new job, is there anything the Institute can do to help me?

A: Yes, if you send a mini CV in to us we can upload it onto the website and businesses and members can view it. Alternatively join our private LinkedIn group. Click here for more information about joining. 

Q: I have some photographs of SyI events and I would like to share them with the membership?

A: Members can send any photographs to Di who will upload them into our events SyI Flickr account and/or the website for the membership to view.  

Q: Am I able to use the Security Institute logo on my website?

A: Individuals and/or Companies wishing to use SyI Supporters Logo should complete an application form requesting permission to use the logo, once it is received it will be reviewed and where approved, copies of the current logo and instructions concerning its use will then be issued. Please click here to request an application form.

Q: I have lost my SyI membership card and want to replace it, how do I go about replacing it?

A: If you have lost your membership card please do not worry, you can order a replacement card by emailing Paula


Questions Regarding Membership:


Q: What is the highest level of membership I can hold?

A: The highest membership we offer is a Fellowship membership, individuals seeking to hold a Fellow status are required to have held a member status for a minimum of 2 years immediately prior to you application. Becoming a fellow requires you to partake in CPD to continuously grow your knowledge and improve your professional development, therefore enhancing your career, however any level of membership can partake in CPD, but Fellowship members are required to complete it annually. If you are interested in revalidating and applying for a Fellow grade membership please click here.

Q: I would like to become more involved with The Security Institute, how can I achieve this?

A: It's great to hear when members would like to become more active within the Institute, there are numerous ways you can be; you could help out on exhibition stands with us, write a blog on your area of expertise, provide office space for board and validation board meetings, offer space for events, promote us on social media, or speak at events. The list continues, there are so many ways to become more involved with The Security Institute, if you would like more information or to become a volunteer please email Di who will be happy to assist you. 

Q: I need advice for my business on expertise topics and not sure who to approach from the best answers?

A: Within the Security Institute we give numerous members who are experts in many different fields who would be happy to give you advice and share their knowledge with you. Specific questions can also be asked in the weekly eNews, personally through HQ and through social media. Do not be afraid to contact us with your queries and we can help point you in the right direction, because we are your Institute. 

Q: I don’t know what my membership number is?

A: This is a common question we receive a lot, firstly you can check any invoice we have sent you, receipts or letters and your membership number will be stated on there usually beginning with a letter followed by 3-4 numbers. If you haven’t got a receipt or invoice you can log into your details in the members area of the website and it should state your membership number there under URN number. If you still have no luck, please phone the office on 08453707717 and we will be happy to provide it.  

 Q: I have been sent a letter for non-payment of my membership fees however I have not been contacted previously?

A: Unfortunately if you have only received a letter from us about membership fees, the chances are we have incorrect details for yourself. Before we issue the letter we will send 3 emails and try to phone you regarding this, we may also try a last attempt email or try to contact you via LinkedIn. It is crucial that members update us with any changes to their contact details as soon as possible, not only for this reason but to also to ensure you are getting the most from your membership by receiving CSSC emails, eNews and updates from us. If you would like to update any information please click here.

Q: I am struggling to pay my membership fees, however I do not want to cancel my membership but I dont want have to explain my situation to anyone, what can I do?

A: There are numerous ways to pay your subscription, if members are experience financial change the best way to pay is by Direct Debit enabling you to split the costs over the year, there is no extra cost or charge to pay this way. Click here to set this up. 


Questions Regarding Students:


Q: I am a student and I am completing my dissertation in Security Management, can you help me with research and surveys? 

A: Yes, we currently help many students who are completing security related qualifications and helping them with their dissertations. If you can provide us with as much detail about the topic of your study, and how you wish to conduct your research whether it by a survey or interview we can advise you on how to get the best results and how to best reach out to our members, this could be through our private LinkedIn group, or through our weekly eNews. Please email Di who will be happy to assist you. 


Q: I have a question regarding The Security Institute’s qualifications who do I contact?

A: Our qualification partners are Perpetuity Training, and they are happy to assist you with any questions regarding qualifications, marking and further education. There contact details are as followed: 0116 277 3313.


Q: I graduated a while ago, but I am still classed as a student grade why?

A: A student will not automatically become a different grade of member, you will have to go through revalidation to determine which level of membership you require. This is an easy process and once upgrade you will be entitled to vary other benefits. If you are in this position please contact Paula who will be happy to assist you.  


Questions Regarding CPD and CSyP


Q: What is CPD, and how can i become involved with it?

A: CPD is Continuous Professional Development, it is an essential way to keep up-to-date with the latest issues and developments in the security arena, giving those who participate in the scheme a competitive edge over other practitioners and enhancing career development. It is a free scheme and requires you to keep a log of points for each task you complete from reading an article on a security related topic or attending an exhibition, through to studying for qualifications and attending conferences. CPD is an easy way to enhance your professional status through doing many of your day to day work related activities, virtually anything you do that results in you learning more about security and/or management will count for the CPD scheme. Participants keep a log on our downloadable activity table and annually submit them into us. To learn more or begin your CPD journey please click here

Q: What is CSyP and how do I become one?

A: You are appointed a chartered status for meeting stringent admittance criteria jointly developed by the Security Institute and the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals. This register for security professionals is a means of recognising and maintaining the highest possible standards and ongoing proficiency for individuals. It is called the Register of Chartered Security Professionals, and by joining the Register you are known as a Chartered Security Professional, and can use CSyP as a post nominal. However to be admitted to the Register of Chartered Security Professionals you must have a strong understanding of general security principles (although you may be a specialist in one particular field), and be operating at a strategic or senior operational level of security practice. Please click here to find out more about becoming a CSyP.


Questions Regarding Communications


Q: I receive emails sent from The Security Institute, but it's got CSSC on them - what is this? 

A: The security Institute regularly send out communications from Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications (CSSC) with the latest security updates and information, as we are distributing this to our members and not creating the content we cannot edit the formatting or text; therefore the emails may be styled slightly different. Please find more information on their website here.

Q: I never seem to receive general emails from you such as newsletters, security information or automated messages, however I know you send them out. Why am I not receiving these?

A: We are sorry you are not receiving our general news emails, we do use a system called Constant Contacts whereby we can send an email to the entire membership, however due to the nature of work our members do their companies security systems can filter out the emails from us entirely by a spam filter or ISP. We will not contact Constant Contacts as they require your email address to troubleshoot it, and do not feel this is appropriate to give such information out. Therefore in order for you to fix it you would need to speak with your companies IT department, or your Internet Provider to allow access to these emails.

Q: I don’t want to be sent all the emails I receive, I only wish to receive essential communications; how can I change this?

A: If you only want to receive essential communications please notify us by emailing Paula who will be happy to remove you from the general mailing list. 


Questions Regarding Events 


Q: Do I need to book for a SyI event even if it’s free?

A: Yes, you will still need to book through the link that would be provided as we need your details for the bookings register, and information we give out, a seat/placement and your name badge. 

Q: I have booked and paid for an event and now I see it has been postponed what happens to my money?

A: Any event that has been open to bookings and then postponed will be announced on our website and via the eNews, by email and on twitter. Any money paid for a postponed event will be refunded back to you. We will not hold your money to use for another event. 

Q: Where can I view images from previous events? If I see one of me I am unhappy with who can I contact to request it gets removed.

A: We have a Flickr account where we store all of our event photos, if you would like to see these please click here. If you would like to remove a photo please contact Di who will be happy to help you. 


Questions Regarding Complaints


Q: I have a complaint but don’t know who to talk to?

A: Firstly we are sorry that any member feels the need to complain, and are happy to assist to get it resolved. Firstly click here and compose an email with all the details of why you need to complain, a case will be opened for you and it will be investigated further. You may need to be contacted for further information if needed, but rest assure we will resolve any problems you have experienced.