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The Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications group regularly circulates advice and guidance from a range of organisations, often pertinent to CURRENT ACTIVITY - and we're talking about TODAY or TOMORROW. CLICK HERE for access to their website and latest guidance, and to join their free of charge mailing list. We've added the latest documents to a quick reference library below for your ease of access. Please feel free to SHARE AND USE this information.



Fake, Inactive & Recyclyed Companies (July 2017)

Seminars (July 2017)

Health & Safety & Fire Bogus Traders (July 2017)

Cyber Awareness Videos (June 2017)

Online Sexual Coerccion and Extortion Of Children (June 2017)

Finsbury Park Incident (June 2017)

SyI Newsletter - CCTV or video surveillance (June 2017)

Ticketing Fraud Alert (June 2017)

Newsletter on intelligence matters (June 2017)

Social Media Insurance Fraud Referring to Recent Terror Attacks (June 2017)

Monthly Threat Update (June 2017)

London Bridge/Borough Market Incident (June 2017)

UK Terrorism Threat Levels (May 2017)

Manchester Incident (May 2017)

Business Responses to Terror Attacks (May 2017)

Current Phishing Trends (May 2017)

Protect Briefing (April 2017)

London Regional Counter Terrorism Update (April 2017)

Phishing & Banking Trojan Alert (March 2017)

Paris Incident (March 2017)

Protect Newsletter (March 2017)

University Spear-Phishing Alert (February 2017)

Barcelona Incident (February 2017)

Fort Lauderdale Incident (January 2017)

Migrant Helpline Alert (January 2017)

Charitable Fraud (January 2017)

Property Fraud (January 2017)

Berlin Incident (December 2016)

Phishing Email Alerts (December 2016)

Quarterly Threat Update (November 2016)

Unauthorised Encampments & Fly Tipping (MPS, October 2016)

Falcon Briefing No. 12 (MPS, October 2016)

CEO Fraud Alert (NFIB, October 2016)

Fake Police Email Fraud (NFIB, September 2016)

Binary Options Alert (NFIB, August 2016)

Money Mule Alert (NFIB, August 2016)

Protective Security Weekly Update (MPS, July 2016)

PBX Alert for Schools (NFIB, July 2016)

Business Crime Reduction Update Q1 (MPS, June 2016)

Employment Fraud - Targetting Nannies (NFIB, June 2016)

Fake Letter Boxes (NFIB, June 2016)

Paypal Alert (NFIB, June 2016)

Spoof Vehicle Escrow Emails (NFIB, June 2016)

Counter Cheque Fraud (NFIB, May 2016)

Environmental Scanning (COLP, May 2016)

Mandate Fraud Public Sector (NFIB, May 2016)

Phishing (NFIB, May 2016)

Phishing Attack Targetting University Students (NFIB, May 2016)

Forestry Investment Alert (NFIB, May 2016)

Phishing (NFIB, April 2016)


The Security Institute also researches and publishes its own Good Practice Guides - CLICK HERE to read more and order your copies.




Updated on 19.06.17

JTAC – the independent body that assesses threat – believes that an attack is no longer imminent but is still highly likely.

If you see something you are worried about or know somebody you are worried about don’t hesitate, just ACT.


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