Standard Route to Membership

Professional membership via our Standard Route is available to individuals who either do not meet the criteria to apply via the Accelerated Route or who do, but would prefer to have their application scored in order to determine membership grading. Applications submitted via this route are reviewed by our Validation Board against a set scoring matrix which recognises and awards points for Security Experience, Academic qualifications, Security related training and Professional Commitment.   The score achieved then determines the grade of membership awarded.

Grade Applicability Standard Route Criteria

Associate (ASyI)

For those with some experience in the security profession and/or security qualifications 

11 to 20 points


Member (MSyI)

For those with considerable experience/qualifications in the security profession

21 to 60 points including a minimum of 5 years general security experience

Fellow (FSyI)

For those with significant experience in the security profession and security qualifications and demonstrating professional commitment/making a contribution to the wider security profession

A minimum of 2 years as a Member (MSyI) and achieving 61 points or more including  minimum scores of:

  • 10 from Security Management Experience
  • 6 from Security Related Qualifications
  • 10 from Professional Commitment        

How to Apply

To apply please download the Standard Route Application Form.

Please also download the Application Guidance Notes which contain detailed guidance to assist you when completing your application form.

Please send your completed application by email to:

Alternatively you can send it by post including all attachments (scans or photocopies) to:

The Membership Manager,

The Security Institute,

1 The Courtyard,


Warwickshire, CV10 0AS



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