Accelerated Route to Membership

Professional membership via our Accelerated Route is available to you if you meet the following criteria:

Grade Accelerated Route Criteria  

Associate (ASyI)                  


1. SyI Certificate in Security Management or

2. SyI Diploma in Security Management and less than 3 years security management experience

3. Relevant Degree and less than 3 years security management experience

Member (MSyI)




1. Relevant Bachelors or Master’s degree + 3 years security management experience

2. SyI Diploma + 3 years security management experience

3. Chartered Security Professional (CSyP)

A copy of your current CV must be submitted with your application.

How to Apply

To apply please download the Accelerated Route Application Form.

If you need additional information on the application process then our Application Guidance Notes have detailed information.

Please send your completed application by email to:

Alternatively you can send it by post including all attachments (scans or photocopies) to:

The Membership Manager,

The Security Institute,

1 The Courtyard,


Warwickshire CV10 0AS


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