Joining Information

We welcome applications for membership from professional security practitioners.  These include:

  • Providers of security goods and services
  • Corporate security managers and directors
  • Security managers in the public sector
  • Individuals currently serving in police forces or the armed forces
  • Providers of security education including trainers and academics
  • Security Consultants

We also welcome those aspiring to reach management positions, though study and/or personal development, and individuals’ whose core business is closely aligned to that of a security practitioner.

Please note - membership applies to the person, not the organisation.

Grades of Membership

Student membership

Student membership is available to anyone studying on a recognised full or part-time course in a security related subject. 

Graduate membership

We welcome Graduates with non-security related degrees who have an active interest in the field of security.

Affiliate membership

We also welcome applications from individuals who may not meet the requirements for a professional membership grade but who have an active interest in the field of security and wish to take part in the Institute’s activities.

Professional membership: Associate, Member and Fellow

Our 3 Professional grades of membership are: Associate (ASyI), Member (MSyI) and Fellow (FSyI).   

The grades of Associate and Member can be achieved via 2 routes, our Accelerated Route or our Standard Route -

Accelerated Route to membership

This is available to individuals who are eligible to apply for either our Associate or Member grade based upon qualifications and experience held.  Applications submitted via this route are not scored, only graded and as such they require a less detailed application.   

Standard Route to membership

Applications submitted via this route are reviewed against a set scoring matrix which recognises and awards points for security experience, academic qualifications, security related training and professional commitment.  The score achieved determines the grade of membership awarded by our Validation Board.

Individuals seeking to apply for Fellowship are required to have held membership at Member level for a minimum of 2 years immediately prior to application.


Read some of our MEMBERS STORIES to see why they joined.

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