We launched our Manifesto for Professional Security on the 18th November at the Churchill War Rooms.

Our vision is to make professional security more effective: recognised and respected for the value it delivers to society, to organisations in both the public and private sector, and to individual members of the public. We believe that professional security has the opportunity and the responsibility to play a full role in addressing the challenges and security risks of the future. Our vision is that the sector as a whole, should become recognised and respected for its professionalism by government, business and the public. Our Manifesto sets out what The Security Institute is going to do to make this change happen.

This is an ambitious Manifesto and requires all stakeholders in this sector – the associations, the trade bodies, the press, the memberships – to come together and work effectively for the good of the profession. To this end:

  1. We call on all professional bodies in this industry, however diverse, however large or small, to be more outward looking and join with us in working independently and together for the benefit of our profession, the benefit of our industry and the benefit of our society:
  2. We call on education bodies to join with us to examine the future development of structured learning programmes to upskill the security workforce:
  3. We call upon key commercial organisations to work with us to provide the funding and support that some of these initiatives will entail: and
  4. We call upon government and its many agencies to establish an enabling, meaningful and ongoing dialogue with the profession to ensure it develops in a way that is entirely consistent with the needs of government and society.




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