Help us in our work to deliver quality to the sector, value to organisations and confidence to society.

If you agree with these statements then Corporate Partnership is for your organisation:

• We support the Professional Security Community

• We are committed to professional excellence in Security Practice

• We stand committed to Continuing Professional Development for all our security personnel

• We support the development and implementation of professional standards across the security sector

• We support the mission of the Security Institute to ensure that security professionals are recognised as being of equal standing to professionals in all other categories within modern organisations


Benefits of Becoming a Corporate Partner of the Security Institute:

• Wider access to member-only parts of our website

• Use of the exclusive Corporate Partner logo on company stationery

• A Corporate Partner plaque to display on your premises • Inclusion in the Corporate Partner Showcase on the SyI website

• Memberships at affiliate grade.

• Discount on memberships where the maximum number of Affiliate Memberships allowable under the fee structure is taken

• Exclusive right to take part in knowledge-generation and sharing activities and projects

• Dedicated Corporate Partner area of website with exclusive content

• Administration of CPD programme for members

• Exclusive events

• Discounts for members on SyI events


What Category of Corporate Partnership is right for your organisation?

There are three different levels of Partnership – Large, Medium and Small, determined by the size and type of the corporate partner organisation. All will receive the same benefits from Corporate Partnership, details of which are shown below.

Corporate Partners are able to submit group membership applications which will be processed at the Affiliate level of individual membership. An individual code of conduct will apply to each applicant, and each will be subject to verification by the Security Institute’s Validation Board. Each will receive correspondence confirming their Affiliate membership, and access to the standard range of member benefits offered by the Institute.

  Number fulfilling a security role Affiliate memberships available * Annual fee (inc VAT where applicable) **
Large More than 250 Between 11 and 20 £1,999
Medium 20-249 Between 6 and 10 £1,149
Small 20 or less Up to 5 £725
*Where the maximum number of affiliate memberships is taken, additional discounts on subsequent affiliate memberships is available. **The fee charged at each category of partnership is based on a standard CP fee of £250 (plus VAT). Affiliate memberships are then charged at a standard rate of £84.95 (VAT exempt).


Marketing Opportunities for Corporate Partners

Single points of contact will be established at the Corporate Partner and Security Institute to allow prompt and efficient communications. The following list of benefits will be provided to the Corporate Partner:

• Use of the Corporate Partner logo

• Presentation of Corporate Partner certificate

• Confirmation of their Corporate Partner status to the SyI membership and wider network

• Inclusion in the Corporate Partner Showcase on the SyI website, including dedicated space in the Virtual Exhibition Area

• Memberships at Affiliate grade, and further discounts on additional applications

• Exclusive right to take part in knowledge-generation and sharing activities and projects

• Free promotion at Security Institute events, and discounts for bookings at SyI events

• Discounts on SyI Level 3, 5 and 7 programmes

• Copies of bulletins, newsletters and press information from the Security Institute

• Advance access to sponsorship and exhibition opportunities